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The Editors | 02.18.08


California Burning

J. Hoberman, Village Voice [Read the Review]

California Burning
“A strange and enthralling evocation of frontier capitalism and manifest destiny set at the dawn of the 20th century… There's hardly a dull moment. Digs collapse, gushers burst into flame, God metes out punishment and so does man. Revelations overturn the narrative: The last 20 minutes are as shocking in their way as the plague that rains from the sky in Magnolia's finale. By the time the closing words "There Will Be Blood" appear (with a burst of Brahms) inscribed in heavy gothic letters on the screen, Anderson's movie has come to seem an Old Testament story of cosmic comeuppance and filicidal madness—American history glimpsed through the smoke and fire that the lightning left behind.”
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By zerobot AT 02.25.08 09:43AM Not Rated


To quote Barbara Nicolosi on the most over-rated movie in a long, long time:

There Will Be The Most Self-Indulgent Film-Making experience of the Year.

There Will Be Caricatures Instead of Characters.

There Will Be Far Too Few Plot Points.

There Will Be Too Many Minutes Repeating the Same Ideas Which Aren’t So Profound Anyway.

There Will Be Several Unmotivated Character Choices in Unfortunately Really Big Moments.

There Will be Embarrassingly Bad Dialogue.

There Will Be Headache Inducing Sound Design.

There Will Be a Director Who Totally Lost Control of His Lead Actor and Let Him Act Like a Clown Instead of a Person.

There Will Be A Distorted Agenda About Religion and Capitalism Being the Most Corrupting Influences in Human Life.

There Will Be Religious Bigotry.

[In fact] There Will Be A Blasphemous, Orgiastic, Christian-Hating Scene in Which The Archetypal Believer Is Established as A Greedy Hypocrite, Liar, and Idiot and Then Have His Idiotic, Hypocritcal, Greedy Lying Head Smashed In.

There Will Be The Rolling of the Eyeballs, and a disgusted “Pass!” on This Over-Hyped, Tedious Vision of Nihilistic Puss.


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