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The Editors | 02.07.08


Weird Times, Weirder Election

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review [Read the Article]

"In this crazy year, the election may finally come down to how many Democrats — scared that they don’t know enough about Obama, or know too much about the Clintons — will vote for a veteran pro like McCain. Or, on the flip side, how many “true” conservatives will stay home in November to ensure that a liberal wins the White House just to prove their purity."

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By salindger AT 02.09.08 06:53AM


New research to be published in New England Journal of Medicine (Robert Blendon, Harvard School of Public Health) reports that 50% of people tend to vote for candidates based on their character (experience, charisma, etc.).  The other 50% vote on issues.  about 25% vote on a single issue of abortion, with other issues being secondary.  The campaigning will cater on each candidate’s constituency’s views on topics.  At least on the topic of health care reform, Clinton will attack Obama for not offering universal healthcare.  Democratic base is fine with paying more taxes, etc.  McCain will focus on reducing costs but not universal care, as the Republicans care about those issues.  If Romney joins McCain as a running mate, that may pull conservatives toward them?


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