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The Editors | 03.28.08


The Puzzling Pope: Six Surprising Things About Benedict XVI

David Gibson,Beliefnet [Read the Article]

"The head of the CDF has to draw lines, level punishments and basically talk tough, a role that Ratzinger seemed to relish, but one that won him epithets like God's Rottweiller and the old standby, the Panzerkardinal. But now that Cardinal Ratzinger is Pope Benedict, he knows better than anyone that he is also the chief pastor of the church. There can be no 'Panzerpope.' His job is to be the good cop, a symbol of unity who tries to encourage people to live their faith more deeply. As he told a dinner companion about his new role: 'It was easy to know the doctrine. It’s much harder to help a billion people live it.'"

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By taylor AT 04.23.08 09:13PM


I do not mean to sound uncharitable, but this was truly a worthless article if was meant, as writer Gibson said, to provide “keys” to understanding Benedict! Benedict doesn’t know much about America or American Catholicism? Benedict has to be different “now that he is pope?” Benedict is a “conservative?” Not to put to fine a point on it, everything in this article was embarrassingly wrongheaded. You have to wonder if Gibson has ever read anything the Pope has written, or if he has, if he understood it.  And anyone who has seen videos of him as Bishop in Germany knows that he long, long ago knew how to be a pastor, even how to work a crowd!


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