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The Editors | 10.02.08


Anglican bishops decry the ‘new creed’ of extreme capitalism

Ekklesia [Read the Article]

A trillion for the Iraq War, almost as much to rescue Wall Street, but basic health care for all is too expensive? Why aren't Christian leaders in the U.S. saying as much? In England it's a different story: "[T]he Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, warned in a magazine article that modern devotion to the free market is a form of idolatry and that Karl Marx was morally right in his analysis of the power of 'unbridled capitalism.' He believes that Marx's economic theories, as implemented by authoritarian state regimes, have proved equally wrong and harmful to unfettered market ideology, but that the protest against a greed-driven system is one that should be taken seriously."

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By GTN AT 11.02.08 11:24PM


“He who does not work shall not eat.”

By JudithJack AT 11.03.08 04:12PM


“He who does not work shall not eat.”


By TonyC AT 12.19.10 02:36PM


Pope John Paul II made it clear in his 1983 encyclical, On Concern for the Social Order (Sollicitudo Rei Socialis) that aggressive captialism and communism are evil. I think both systems have run their course, and have proven their inability to serve the common good, especially where it counts most - with the poorest and suffering among us. The Eucharistic community of the Acts of the Apostles, Chapters 2-6 clearly places this latter group (poor, widows, orphans) and their needs at the heart of its mission. Both capitalism and communism move toward monopoly and exclusion. We must find a new way of being community that makes the least among us our first priority. In them we encounter what JPII called a “special presence of Christ.” (Novo Millennio Ineunte)


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