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For the Children: David Blankenhorn and Kay S. Hymowitz on marriage

“The material Blankenhorn amasses establishes that far from a private relationship to satisfy adult needs, marriage is a social institution to meet social needs. Against this argument the case for same-sex marriage cannot stand… [A]ccepting same-sex marriage means accepting same-sex parenthood, by whatever means a child is acquired. This will deny the child the very benefit marriage was instituted to confer on him. Blankenhorn characterizes Andrew Sullivan's argument as ‘reeking of narcissism’ and demanding that ‘we worry less about children and more about adults.’" READ MORE >

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The gay marriage slump: Same-sex couples deciding not to get hitched

The gay marriage slump: Same-sex couples deciding not to get hitched "It was supposed to be a whole new era, as celebrations accompanied the adoption of civil union and domestic partnership laws in several states. But a funny thing happened on the way to the altar: Gay couples decided they might not want to get married after all... 'For many of us, the idea of getting married sticks in your craw. Why would anyone want to get married? It's almost a visceral reaction.'" READ MORE >

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