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Benedict XVI: The Pope of Hope

Benedict XVI: The Pope of Hope For Benedict, Christ’s promise of his second coming and the final judgment is a pledge that evil and injustice will not have the last word in human history. READ MORE >

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Defending the Archbishop: It’s All in the Details

Defending the Archbishop: It’s All in the Details My defense of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s proposals for Britain to accommodate sharia law omitted to mention that the devil is in the detail, as an excellent Reuters report points out, and as Dr. Williams himself indicated. But the recent press, calming now after the storm, confirms the point I was making: as Tom Heneghan, religion… READ MORE >

Opinion: Issues

Sharia Controversy: A Storm in a Teacup

Sharia Controversy: A Storm in a Teacup One of the alarming things about the furor over the Archbishop of Canterbury’s lecture at the Royal Courts of Justice is how a call to “think a little harder” about a complex and important issue in our society has resulted in the exact opposite: a lot of people thinking less and shouting louder. The newspapers and other media have led… READ MORE >

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Nicolas Sarkozy embraces God as good for society, igniting debate over church and state in France

Last December Sarkozy expounded on "’France's essentially Christian roots. A man who believes is a man who hopes,’ said the president. ‘And the interest of the republic is that there be a lot of men and women who hope.’ He advocated a new ‘positive secularism’ that ‘doesn't consider religions a danger, but an asset.’ And he declared, ‘In the transmission of values and in the teaching of the difference between good and evil, the schoolteacher will never be able to replace the priest or the pastor.’" READ MORE >

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