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Sunny Anand and the Hidden Pain of the Unborn

Sunny Anand and the Hidden Pain of the Unborn Annie Murphy Paul’s “The First Ache,” which appeared in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, is the perfect companion piece to Austen Ivereigh’s “A Question of Empathy.” Both articles show how science is changing the terms of the abortion debate by “personifying” the unborn. In Paul’s fascinating article, she zeros in… READ MORE >

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News: Science/Tech

Tom Wolfe and a cognitive neuroscientist discuss status, free will, and the human condition


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Opinion: Politics

David Brooks explains the Republican Party’s Catholic problem

David Brooks explains the Republican Party’s Catholic problem In a NY Times column today called “The Social Animal,” David Brooks pinpoints exactly why so many Catholics hold their noses every four years as they vote Republican for president merely because of the party’s stance against abortion and gay marriage.   As any Catholic who’s watched a Republican convention knows, the GOP… READ MORE >

Opinion: Science/Tech

Secrets of storytelling

Secrets of storytelling Having just read a collection of masterful short-stories by Tobias Wolff, the issue of what makes storytelling such an intrinsic, necessary part of the human condition has been at the forefront of my mind. An article in the most recent issue of Scientific American approaches this age-old question from a left-brained perspective: “Popular… READ MORE >

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