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Anti-Aging Drugs Could Change the Nature of Death


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News: Issues

Human Therapeutic Cloning at a Standstill


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News: Science/Tech

After Stem-Cell Breakthrough, the Work Begins

After Stem-Cell Breakthrough, the Work Begins Now that embryonic stem cell research may no longer require the destruction of human life, is it just a coinicidence that the NY Times is emphasizing how far scientists still have to go to develop successful treatments? READ MORE >

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News: Science/Tech

Is John McCain reconsidering his Stem Cell position?

The moral issues at stake are far from simple, to be sure, but Senator McCain’s rationalization of embryo-destructive research is nonetheless simply wrong... In November 2007, two teams of researchers ... successfully transformed normal human skin cells into what appears to be the functional equivalent of embryonic stem cells, without the need for embryos... Asked by a voter in late January if the new advances might cause him to reconsider his stand on President Bush’s stem cell funding policy, Senator McCain replied, 'I have not changed my position yet.' It is time he did." READ MORE >

Opinion: Science/Tech

Emancipate the Embryo! Britain set to enter ‘brave new world’

Emancipate the Embryo! Britain set to enter ‘brave new world’ British Members of Parliament must decide this month on a vast range of ethical issues contained in the Labour Government’s most far-reaching shake-up of fertility and embryology legislation in almost 20 years. The awesomely complex ethical issues raised by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) Bill will be hotly contested when its… READ MORE >

Opinion: Politics

Abortion in Britain: The Case for a New Approach

Abortion in Britain: The Case for a New Approach Britain’s lawmakers have voted to extend scientific research on embryos to allow the mixing of human and animal egg and sperm, to allow lesbians to create children through IVF without the need for a father, and against lowering the 24-week legal limit for abortions The promises of brave-new-world cures for diseases swung Members of Parliament… READ MORE >

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