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The Pope, the ‘La Sapienza’ Protests, and the Death of Irony

The Pope, the ‘La Sapienza’ Protests, and the Death of Irony The sad irony of the recent protests at Rome’s La Sapienza University that kept Pope Benedict XVI from speaking there was that they were based entirely on a mistake. Not only was the source of the protests—a 1990 quote about Galileo lifted from a speech given by then Cardinal Ratzinger—taken out-of-context, the statement… READ MORE >

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Open Doors at St. Stephen Martyr

Open Doors at St. Stephen Martyr I’m comfortably settled in DC at the church of Saint Stephen Martyr on Pennsylvania Ave, and my particular thanks go to Br. Hugh Vincent Dyer (a fellow Godspy contributor) for his generous hospitality. As I entered the parish office I received a warm welcome from Msgr. Filardi, the pastor, but could sense that my arrival was a shade anticlimactic.… READ MORE >

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Reflections on the Pope as he is about to speak at the United Nations

Reflections on the Pope as he is about to speak at the United Nations When I first heard that Cardinal Ratzinger had been elected to the papacy, my reaction was, “Good.  We’re going to stick it to the liberals!”  There had been so much discussion following John Paul II’s death about whether the Church would now accommodate herself to the secular city via women’s ordination, etc., that I could… READ MORE >

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Following Christ in the Footsteps of Peter

I am not a morning person, but this morning I extracted myself from the warmth of slumber at 4:30. I dragged myself to the shower and groggily went out into the chill. My destination was Annunciation Parish in Northwest Washington. There a happy party of about 100 waited to board buses to go to the residence of the Vatican nuncio. We were… READ MORE >

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The Puzzling Pope: Six Surprising Things About Benedict XVI

"The head of the CDF has to draw lines, level punishments and basically talk tough, a role that Ratzinger seemed to relish, but one that won him epithets like God's Rottweiller and the old standby, the Panzerkardinal. But now that Cardinal Ratzinger is Pope Benedict, he knows better than anyone that he is also the chief pastor of the church. There can be no 'Panzerpope.' His job is to be the good cop, a symbol of unity who tries to encourage people to live their faith more deeply. As he told a dinner companion about his new role: 'It was easy to know the doctrine. It’s much harder to help a billion people live it.'" READ MORE >

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Beyond Benedict, ‘the American Pope’

Beyond Benedict, ‘the American Pope’ Time Magazine’s recent cover story about Benedict XVI’s upcoming visit had two headlines: “Why The Pope Loves America,” and “The American Pope.’ Neither title was accurate. It’s hard to imagine the soft-spoken, intellectual, Mozart-loving pontiff as somehow quintessentially American. But is it true that he loves America? Sure,… READ MORE >


Beyond Politics at the White House: What the Pope said, and what he didn’t say

As I listened to Pope Benedict XVI’s speech at the White House this morning, I thought of a very wise statement about God: “He loves us just the way we are, but he loves us too much to let us stay that way.” All popes follow this method, the one established by Jesus: Communicate unconditional love specifically to every person and nation,… READ MORE >

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Valedictory to Pope Benedict XVI

What made me weep, as I watched television coverage of Pope Benedict’s visit, was the simple act of the pope giving communion to people. The news media relayed many over-the-top comments about what the pope’s visit meant: “It’s like Jesus coming to America.” I wrote a panegyric myself about Benedict’s gifts. But Pope Benedict’s… READ MORE >

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Opinion: Culture

‘The Father of the World’—The Pope at the U.N.

‘The Father of the World’—The Pope at the U.N. As I listened to the Pope’s U.N. address, while driving through Manhattan with Godspy editors John Romanowsky and John Murphy, and my son Gianni, on our way to videotape among the crowds at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, just outside U.N. headquarters, I thought to myself—what could I possibly write about the Pope’s astonishingly deep… READ MORE >

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Gazing Upwards: The Pope’s Homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Gazing Upwards: The Pope’s Homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Although I’d followed Pope Benedict from event to event during his visit to the U.S., one of the most moving moments for me was watching him on TV as he delivered what I believe was his most personal statement, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. As pastor of the Universal Church, the Pope is most at home with the Eucharist and the… READ MORE >

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Opinion: Politics

Beyond Left and Right: Awaiting the Pope’s Next Encyclical

Beyond Left and Right: Awaiting the Pope’s Next Encyclical G.K. Chesterton once wrote, “The whole modern world has divided itself into conservatives and progressives. The business of progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.” The tired categories of Left and Right, which we associate with Liberal (or Progressive) and… READ MORE >

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Close to Benedict at the Basilica

Close to Benedict at the Basilica 9:30 pm. I’m beat and a more than a bit sunburned after a day spent in hot pursuit of the popemobile through Washington D.C. This afternoon I was on the campus of Catholic University, where Pope Benedict arrived at around 5:30 to attend Vespers and address the US Catholic bishops in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.… READ MORE >

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