Sarah Palin Meets Woody Allen, Across the Great Divide

By Angelo Matera

Posted 10/23/08 at 4:38 AM

If you’re feeling down about the ever-widening gap between blue-state and red-state America (and the even wider gap between blue and red Catholics), you can find hope in Sarah Palin. Ironically, the woman who’s been blamed for single-handedly re-igniting the culture wars is showing signs that she can appeal across the cultural divide. This past weekend she pulled off a smooth performance on Saturday Night Live, and now she’s inspired Radar Magazine to put together a video mash-up of Palin and Woody Allen, with scenes from Annie Hall, entitled Woody Palin. Here’s the teaser:

“Sarah had it all: a great job, a bright future, God’s love, and the kind of expensive wardrobe most women would give up their guns for. But there was still something missing in her life. Then she met Woody, a neurotic Jew who got nervous whenever he went to real America and couldn’t tell a moose from an elk.”

The video is fun, despite not making much sense, except maybe as an absurd dream of what a fusion “purple” ticket of Obama and Palin (both Gen-Xers, interestingly) could do to settle the culture war once and for all.