Sarah Palin blasts Obama’s radical abortion policies

By Angelo Matera

Posted 10/14/08 at 6:24 AM

If you want to extract information from suspected terrorists, force them to listen to an endless loop of Sarah Palin speeches. I guarantee it would work. (Fortunately, John McCain is against torture.) Yet despite her grating voice and her muddled syntax, Palin managed on Saturday to pull off an effective pro-life speech that artfully strung together every substantial talking point available against Obama’s “unconditional support for unlimited abortions.” If only it weren’t all true, but it is. You can watch for yourself Obama’s speech to Planned Parenthood, where he promises his support for FOCA, the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act,” which would impose an abortion regime on the nation, wiping away all restrictions on abortion at the state and federal level, including freedom of conscience for doctors, pharmacists, nurses and more. Of course, while listening to Palin talk about the Culture of Life, I couldn’t help thinking about John McCain’s support for embryonic stem cell research, which he trumpeted in a veiled fashion in a radio campaign in Missouri, as reported here by Jack Smith, editor of The Catholic Key. Such are the sad contradictions of this presidential campaign.