Did anyone miss the Golden Globes show?

By John Murphy

Posted 1/14/08 at 7:08 AM

The Golden Globes awards were awarded last night, but without the usual glitzy televised gala, thanks to the Writer’s Guild strike. This prompts the question—how essential is the show anyway? Sure, we get to rubberneck on the red carpet thanks to first-hand reporting from second-hand personalities like Joan Rivers and that embarrassing Bush cousin. It’s like being a bystander at the parade of animal pairs walking up the gangplank into Noah’s Ark. We get to armchair quarterback the choice of starlets’ dresses and accessories. We get to vicariously experience the stars of screens big and small crowding into a banquet room to swig champagne and mentally rehearse acceptance speeches. We get to enjoy the slightly slurred and incoherent speeches that result from said champagne swigging. This is all very diverting. Afterwards, we get to marvel that actors the caliber of Madonna and Zsa Zsa Gabor have been recipients of the Golden Globe. This is very disturbing.