Bob Guccione Jr. finds his way back to church

By The Editors

"For Gooch, an erstwhile altar boy who describes himself as 'a lazy but devout Catholic,' science is incomplete without the contemplation of faith. 'I have no trouble whatsoever accommodating, side by side, the ideas of multiple universes and the Immaculate Conception...'”

Posted 11/19/07 at 10:06 PM


More from Guccione: “Indeed, it is Gooch’s ‘capacity for faith’ that has caused a stir amid the resolutely rationalist precincts of Discover. ‘It shocked the staff, that I’m a believer, that I go to church.’ At one of his first editorial meetings, Gooch recalls ‘an audible gasp in the room’ when he proposed a story on how the Vatican verifies the validity of the claims of stigmatics—those who display the wounds of Christ. ‘What are the criteria of their inquiry, the burden of proof?’ Gooch wanted to know. ‘The idea was to investigate the scientific method of something thought of as totally unscientific. I want the magazine infused with a more philosophical vision of what is and what is not.’”