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RE: Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand and the Libertarian God that Failed
Yes Alan Greenspan got hoisted by his own pitard. For my part I'll take Greenspan's objective reason over the absurd and historically failed economic ideology of Barney Frank any day. Five percent unemployment and four percent growth look pretty good right now. Banking crisis will always come and go as regulations, innovations, and unintended consequences come and go. My concern however is with those Catholics that would vote for Obama and thereby endorse third trimester infanticide, placate for another few centuries the monsterous evil of fundamentalist slavery, and think that Marxist axioms (like, "from each each accoding to his ability, to each according to his needs) are anything less than recipes to destroy all rights of man. The democrats would rather have 3000 people killed than tap the phone of suspected terrorists - which is what actually happened but thank goodness Clinton wasn't a facist. I am frankly sick of the "America is illigitimate" crowd. Unfortunately I expect that when the Obama and Barney Frank acolites finish transforming America by destroying my Grand Mother's savings via bad, distributionist loans their own petards will be hoisted for all to see.

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