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RE: The Weakerthans’ Liturgy of the Other Hours
This band has been my favorite band since I was 16 years old. I am now 22. I came across Reconstruction site by divine accident at a Best Buy in Modesto, California my home town. I saw it, the cover was cool, I bought it. At that point I was always looking for bands my friends hadn't heard, I was a young hipster, how cute. I had no idea the impact the band would have on me. I have never missed a tour. My entire high school experience is inseparable from their music and the affect it had and continues to have on me. Samson spoke of my longing, of my desire for something more and of loss...and his music, especially lyrically, was no less than a breath of fresh air as a result. When it came to what my culture had to offer me by way of musical talent I knew without knowing and only through a heartfelt longing (that I couldn't and wouldn't comprehend until I heard the album) that there had to be something more to music than MTV 2 or Dance 360. This band confirmed that suspicion. Like I said, I did not know it until I listened to it and especially until I began to really judge the lyrics...i had bought and encountered something expectational. I still find myself struck in new and more profound ways by the lyrics even now, after the one millionth listen. Like Christ it became and is the very music by which I judge all other contemporary music. This is what we are capable of, (beauty today is still possible!) even amongst the ever increasing banality that is our pop culture. What's interesting is that you have to really listen to this band if you want to love them...and it helps to be well read too. Thankfully in the end, unlike Christ with respect to the needs of my heart, there were other bands that could meet my need for truly human and beautiful music and that do (I recommend Electric President s/t album for one). The Weakerthan's were not the savior but they gave me a glimpse of Him and they continue to be a fantastic measuring stick by which to judge the rest. This is the first thing I have ever read that recognized this bands significance in respect of music that is capable of speaking to our humanity. Thank you for that.

RE: The Weakerthans’ Liturgy of the Other Hours
*exceptional (not expectational)...odd mistake

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