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RE: Christian Witness in the Aftermath of Hate
Clearly, Myers is a desperate man. After all, he has become intellectually isolated in that he assumes superiority to the Doctors of the Church and all who believe in transubstantiation. Myers implies it is proven that a consecrated Host is "just a cracker" and nothing more, but offers no logic to support his conclusion. Myers may or may not be an atheist; he mirrors the image of one like a painted egg with the illusion of solidity on the shell hiding an empty core. If Myers ever gets around to writing a logical proof of his position regarding the invalidity of transubstantiation or the non-existence of God, then we should all rejoice that he gives us something to ponder. Otherwise he remains a desperate noisemaker begging for attention. This is not intended as an attack against the man, but a perspective through which to understand his motive. A man free-floating in a hot-air balloon without sense of control, afraid to descend to the ground because he might plummet yet aware that he won't stay aloft forever, he needs to find a way to become "grounded" in truth.

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