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RE: Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dies
Earl Butz was also a major architect of modern, corporate, and indiscriminate farming. "Get big, or get out!", he used to say. This philosophy was influential in destroying thousands of small, local, and rural economies across the country. I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, but his lack of sensitivity to people of color was connected to his philosophical brand of materialism which reduced the human person to a cog in a much bigger economic machine.

RE: After the Disaster: Back to the Family and Localism
Great synthesis of the current situation and the way toward sanity. I'm trying to come up with practical steps that promote a sane and human economy: 1) Inheritance taxes: bad perhaps? 2) Limits on corporate size? 3) Limits on interstate corporations? 4) Bring back restrictions on interstate banking? Perhaps these ideas are too big, maybe a thousand small steps first?

RE: Mercy Knows My Name
Yes, Whiskeytown was a great band, but Heartbreaker and Gold were great albums. I like his other albums too. What a voice, what a gift for melody. A "best of" compilation of his recent albums would make quite an anthology of some of the best music being made now.

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