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RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
Angelo, I think your article here is AWESOME. I'm no political genius, but I refuse to put my support towards any candidate that supports one of the many violations of human rights. And since both the Republican and Democrat platforms clearly do this, voting for members of the two parties isn't much of an option for me. I feel that voting is sort of like signing my name to an individual's platform, and a "less bad" platform isn't something I want to sign on to. That being said, I can't really say that I advocate not voting. I'm not fond of the party system, and I definitely feel that putting forth a write-in vote is the only option that has the chance of getting the government's attention and informing the people that the two party system is no longer acceptable. It could be a write-in for Mickey Mouse -- the name doesn't matter; it's the "withheld vote" that matters. Not going to the polling place isn't going to get anyone's attention. Otherwise you'd think they'd have gotten the hint when only half of the US population actually votes! Here's one of my thoughts on the issue of party politics: Since the beginning of the 20th century, American lives have changed quite significantly. In the first half of the century, people all, for example, listened to the same music -- the popular stuff. Today, you and I are likely to buy music that 90% of other people haven't even heard of. Our choices in music are nearly infinite, but we can't have it all, so we look at an area of music that we like and narrow it down. Why can't the voting system be the same way without the party system? I've heard criticisms of my arguments such as, "that can't work because we need a majority vote." Sure, but we already hold primaries to narrow things down anyway; do the same without party nominations. Also, "a larger pool of candidates would be great, but the system has to be efficient or it will never work." I gotta say, these criticisms just aren't satisfying to me. Why can't the American people have real choice at the polls? Why must we subject to a system that promotes "us vs. them" conflict instead of positive conflict among individual officials that can result in much more creative and positive solutions to problems? ...Probably because we'll never get the party system to destroy itself. So, that being said, even my choice of write-in candidates is greater than my choice of party candidates: Alasdair MacIntyre, Joe Schriner, or Angelo Matera. Thanks again, Angelo, for writing such a thought-provoking (and conversation-provoking) piece.

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