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RE: Letting Bill Clinton Off Easy
I agree with Marion that pro-life approach needs to be nuanced and aimed at changing the culture. Yet Peter and others make a very important point that such approaches are not enough. I know a nurse that assists abortions at Planned Parenthood. While we hang out with other people and I give her a ride out of charity, I so far have not discussed the issue of sanctity of life, even though she and others talk about her "work" openly. I keep debating if and when would be a good time, but usually I change the subject. Certainly I will, if I am asked, yet I don't feel comfortable raising the issue first. If and when that happens, I would like to discuss up whether pro-choice people would also agree that things would be better if women didn't need abortions, and how we could create such a culture. I think consensus building is good, and finding a common goal that we would want to work toward. And yet, how do I not talk about the lives lost, Planned Parenthood not reporting underage rape, etc.? Where do we start? Oh Lord, help us.

RE: Weird Times, Weirder Election
New research to be published in New England Journal of Medicine (Robert Blendon, Harvard School of Public Health) reports that 50% of people tend to vote for candidates based on their character (experience, charisma, etc.). The other 50% vote on issues. about 25% vote on a single issue of abortion, with other issues being secondary. The campaigning will cater on each candidate's constituency's views on topics. At least on the topic of health care reform, Clinton will attack Obama for not offering universal healthcare. Democratic base is fine with paying more taxes, etc. McCain will focus on reducing costs but not universal care, as the Republicans care about those issues. If Romney joins McCain as a running mate, that may pull conservatives toward them?

RE: Bob Guccione Jr. finds his way back to church
The drive to pursue knowledge cannot occur on the basis of empirical science alone - it can only come from the desire of the heart to seek Truth. Faith, whether in the most blessed Trinity or secularism, drives this pursuit.

RE: Bob Guccione Jr. finds his way back to church
It is odd that Bob Guccione Jr is listed as being a practicing _Latin Rite_ Catholic on Wikipedia - i thought it would be obvious from having an Italian name? Then again, one takes one's mother's rite.

RE: GodSpy 2.0: Engaging Secular Culture
Amen to Msgr Albacete et al - our faith allows us to see deeper into our world that our secular siblings may not have access to with the light of faith. Welcome back! We missed you!

RE: Letting Bill Clinton Off Easy
I went by a job fair at the Harvard School of Public Health just by chance(probably grace). I couldn't help but noticed that NARAL and Unicef had tables recruiting people to promote "women's health." That got me thinking. Why don't pro-life organizations hire graduates from public health schools? Certainly, the people who get degrees in public health, epidemiology, etc. may be biased in their view of "women's health" but I am sure there are just as many who are pro-life. Yet they don't have an opportunity to use their education toward educating people about the dangers of abortion. Why don't pro-life organizations make their presence at such events? Is this an opportunity to create change? Certainly wanting to defend the defenseless should be enough to start such a movement. My weakness tell me that "but then I am not a public-health person!" Is this my excuse for not getting going on this? I guess we would first need to develop new or existing organizations that would have enough scientific weight that we could attract public health students, and be considered a legit organization. Perhaps the local archdiocese pro-life office could have a table, but we would need a way to project us as just as relevant in "public health" as NARAL.

RE: Coptic priest Zakaria Botros fights fire with fire
This is a great article! Thanks to the editors for bringing this important work to our attention. Let us remember to pray for Fr. Botros' ministry and safety. Does anyone know if he is Catholic or Orthodox? A proper interreligious dialogue definitely requires us to speak with the same language, whether terminology or foreign language. Are the converts entering the Coptic church?

RE: Apocalypse Now?
Recall, however, that in 2003-2004, many movies came out that dealt with the occult. (Hellboy, Constantine, etc.) I had a similar reaction, but then again, Hollywood likes to imitate itself, and here we go with apocalypse theme now. Although the topics are not the most pleasant, and some may say that the prevalence of these topics in movies in the work of the devil, Truth still shines through somewhere, if we are looking for It and open to It.

RE: Christian Witness in the Aftermath of Hate
For some reason, I am not surprised that this happened in Florida. I was told of a place in Florida that has perpetual adoration - however, the monstrance is behind some very serious security - pressure sensors and all. Apparently there are many devil-worshippers who like to steal and desecrate Jesus in the eucharist.

RE: The Archbishop of Canterbury Reads Dostoevsky
I wonder if Benedict XVI would receive similar criticism. Yet I don't hear complaints when he publishes books. If Benedict were to write a book on Dostoyevski, I wonder how it would be received?

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