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RE: Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand and the Libertarian God that Failed
Your acticle would be laughable, if were it not such a nasty smear. I thought a commitment to truth was part of being Catholic. Greenspan a libertarian? Libertarians and paleo-conservatives oppose fiat currency and pyramiding of credit. They oppose, almost to a person, existence of the Federal Reserve itself and support a gold standard that makes money honest and not inflatable. You drag Greenspan's associations and views 45 years forward to make a dishonest political point. Politicians and regulators forced banks to make millions of loans to underqualified borrowers. Research Fan/Fred and it's political contributions and connections.....and how this policy was pushed. The banks couldn't knowingly hold these loans, so they were bundled with good loans and securitized, i.e. made derivatives. And now you come along to relabel this politically correct, socialist policy failure as "libertarian." The most intellectually dishonest article I have seen in a long time.

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