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RE: Adam and Eve make a stand in California
great blog and reassuring for those who cling to truth with white buckles!

RE: League of Morons
I agree that this movie's characters were unrealistic and "out there." However, I do not think the Cohen Brothers were just "blowing off steam." Instead, the movie did have some critique on intelligence, not just goverments but societies, as well as value. Each character valued things that led to their own distruction. But this movie is good and I recommened it!

RE: Seeing Others
Very moving article, reminds me of Martin Buber's "I and Thou." Thank you and cheers to you and your vision!

RE: They’ll Believe in Anything: Study says atheists are more irrational
I had just read the article in Wall Steet, it is great to see media embracing evidence in an honest way. Cheers to signs of hope! P.S. never told you, but great book!

RE: What’s Behind the New Interest in Confession?
Fr. Lorenzo, great topic and interesting points. What does drive a person to confession? Is it knowledge of the need for forgiveness and grace or psychological "peace"? On the topic of confession must priests always grant absolution, what about the times where mercy is best expressed in withholding absolution inorder to better enable the penitent to make a "worthy confession"? Also, it seems that in America especially the leading role in the drama of confession is the sinner rather than Christ. It seems to me that even if our confession is not perfect, Christ makes up what is lacking, to the Father, on the Cross, thus God be praised in spite of me. Either way, thank you for the reflection!

RE: After the Disaster: Back to the Family and Localism
Very helpful article, hope to see you write more on this topic. It never occured to me before that the smallest unit is the individual and how that plays against our family model. Most dicussions on politics seem to favor a "head in the clouds" mentality. That is to say, a bunch of attractive, good ideas, but with no real chance for these to be implimented. How do you see the government making this shift from individual to family, especially with the philosophical underpinnings of our Constitution and modern man in general?

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