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RE: JFK, Barak Obama and the role of religion in American political life
The only people that are troubled by Barack Hussein Obama are neocons or racists.

RE: An Easter Homecoming for Jimmy
That was a heart-warming story. Thank you.

RE: Driving a Wedge into the ‘Evangelical Center’ on Gay Marriage
This was such a difficult article to read because I have friends and family (all catholic) on both sides (liberal/conservative) fn the issue. I'm definitely with the bishops (USCCB) on this one.

RE: What’s Behind the New Interest in Confession?
I think confession sets us free from guilt and shame. Not to mention our sins. But it shouldn't just be a simple personal experience...confession has more to do with Christ and his mercy than our sins.

RE: Beyond Benedict, ‘the American Pope’
What would we do without Lorenzo Albacete?

RE: America: Encounter the Pope
Has the Pope mentioned whether he will meet with the victims of the sex abuse scandals?

RE: The Pope's Birthday Party
There were actually anti-pope/cleric demonstrators?

RE: Beyond Politics at the White House: What the Pope said, and what he didn't say
I mean no disrespect to Fr. Neuhaus or EWTN (most of what they teach is solid), but even he was seeing what he wanted to see as you say. Not only him but I found myself wanting to do the same thing about the War in Iraq. "Get the hell out of there!" But both of us would be (are) wrong in doing this. I'm really just excited he's here.

RE: Close to Benedict at the Basilica
I watched the entire prayer service on CNN!

RE: How the Media is Missing the Pope’s Radical Critique of American Religion
The Pope really explained it all very well.

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