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RE: Why Prop 8 Won: TV Commercials Based on Reason, not Fear
I admire your courage for even taking on this theme; I'm impressed with this essay's rhetorical style; I agree that the Youtube segment is a model of calm and reasoned political discourse. I disagree, though, about Olberman. Olberman's biggest problem is that he doesn't belong on T.V. It's like the guy never has even heard of Marshall McLuhan. His STYLE is all wrong for T.V. He makes the sweaty, nervous mug of Dick Nixon look positively inviting to bring onto your living room floor, I mean, by contrast. But I think there is a real danger in aestheticizing political argument. One can have extremely well made ad copy that feels great but is factually or morally wrong, after all, as of course you will agree. I blush, sometimes, for Olberman, but when in the early days he called Bush on the carpet for lying us into a war, he was one of the few people calling it like it is. And there are lots of similar cases one could name. I'm surprised at your ability to stomach Coulter. Do you mean her style, or her content?

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