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RE: Letting Bill Clinton Off Easy
How 'nice' it would have been if the German people (and the watching world) had used a little more 'rational' argument, 'charity'...and, most of all, 'nuance' in its criticism of the Third Reich's extermination policies. Perhaps the good 'ol SS folks might have served up a really fine 'last meal', a spectacular Aryan feast...and maybe even a few cocktails... peter wilson

RE: Looking at the Pew Study: Danger Ahead?
I think Benedict XVI is correct in his own analysis of this phenomenon...that we must get comfortable with the real possibility of a much smaller CC...perhaps less populated parishes and more Gospel-oriented communities with a more faithful witness to Christ. SOunds real good to me!

RE: Hating Hillary: Getting to the bottom of a cultural trend that has seeped into the church
True...in a sappy kind of way. Hillary Clinton is the nemesis of the Christian community. As such we are commanded to love her as our enemy. We are not commanded to respect her ideological secularism and constant efforts to prop up the abortion industry. She is not in the least qualified for the Presidency and, in fact, hungers for such power beyond a healthy desire to do good in the public square. She is an advocate for a more socialist America and must be decisively defeated.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
If Alan Keyes is on the ticket...I'm absolutely voting! Otherwise...I'll watch SP;encer Tracey in THE LAST HURRAH.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
Consistent life ethic (an historical definition): a liberal philosophy of life that attempts to mute the holocaust of abortion by linking it with other lesser evils and then dodging it...The Nazis had a strong platform advocating animal rights, vegetarianism, middle-class economic resuscitation, health-care for all...coupled with extermination of the 'unfit'. And we all know now who 'they' were: they were the unborn, the mentally-handicapped, gypsies, religious, homosexuals, Poles...and Jews.

RE: An interview with Chris Hedges: "I don't believe in atheists"
If God didn't exist...then neither would atheists (a paraphrase of Chesterton the Great).

RE: JFK, Barak Obama and the role of religion in American political life
I would say that twenty years of association with this particular church means that Obama probablyh for the most part embraces its creeds and rhetoric...and this is what troubles many Americans. It has become his philosophical and theological 'home' and totally disingenuous for him (or the media) to deny or downplay this fact. Kennedy's attempt to 'privatize' his faith in the eyes of the American Protestant majority succeeded in the election...but only barely. Whatever our world view, it's ridiculous to claim that religious faith has little or no bearing on secular political decisions. Every decision of state moves either toward the good, the bad, and the downright morally ugly.

RE: Driving a Wedge into the ‘Evangelical Center’ on Gay Marriage
Appeasement is a very slow process...but usually ends in capitulation. I smell appeasement in this article.

RE: Benedict’s Discomforting Message
And let's not forget what our age can teach us about...say...the killing of unborn children in the name of constitutional rights.

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