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RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
Wow. Angelo, reading your article, I feel as though I am not a true Catholic. I align myself with the Dems on many issues. I am anti-death penalty and for a social safety net provided for the government. I am against vouchers. I am also pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. I was born and raised a Catholic. Catholic school from K-12. I went to Church and received all of the sacraments. I still attend church and go to confession (although not as frequently as I would like). It scares me that all that faith is for naught, especially because of my beliefs on abortion, stem cell research and gay marriage. I always thought of myself as a true Catholic. i even seriously considered becoming a priest. I prayed about it, brought books on the subject and even called the priest at my local parish to speak about the vocation. He never called back and I wound up getting married 4 years later. Am I a true Catholic? If anybody can recommend any books, essays, etc on the questions I have, I would truly appreciate it. I love my faith, its history and the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made to save us. But I am torn. Thank you, Angelo, for your article even though I do not agree with all of your positions.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
@ HAROLD FICKET Thanks...I will definitely check it out. One more questions: Do you recommend any websites I should take a look at? Maybe an online community?

RE: HBO's The Wire: Dignity or Despair?
The show was brilliant. Probably the best show of the 00s that nobody watched. I believe that the show was definitely realistic. The reality is one full of despair in our inner cities where politicians and community leaders place band-aids on the symptoms and never go after the overarching problem--poverty. It is a shame. Check out this week's Time for an article written by Simon, Burns, Price, Lehane and Pelecanos about a form of civil disobedience we can partake in to get the govt and community leaders to act.

RE: Bart’s Problem
David, Can you recommend some books that deal with new bible scholarship since 1978 whichyou talked about? You can say I'm rediscovering my faith.

RE: Close to Benedict at the Basilica
Murph, I feel the same way. Even though I am not in the DC area, I feel closer to the Holy Father and the message of the Church. I honestly wish I had the money to just get on a plane Friday and head to NYC.

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