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RE: God, Government and Freedom—A Response to 'None of the Above'
The economy, immigration, the environment, health care...all very important issues. But the killing: It has to stop. Vote for Clinton and/or Obama? They'd ensure an expansion of the abortion state, and they'd probably expand our overseas warmaking as well (despite their rhetoric to the contrary). And McCain? He has practically promised us tremendous growth in the US market share of military adventurism overseas with its concomitant death and poverty and destruction. Plus, as pointed out by freethinkingtheist, there is very little chance that McCain would make good on his pro-life promises once he got into office, and we'd probably end up with more Kennedys and Souters on the Supreme Court rather than more Alitos and Roberts'. Me? I'm going to write in my plumber's name in November. He's a nice guy, sensible, and would probably not mess up the country and the world too much in four years.

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