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RE: Christian Witness in the Aftermath of Hate
"The first suggestion about changing the way we receive communion is unnecessary. The current push from the Vatican to return to Tridentine practices confuses tradition with traditionalism. The former is the living faith of the dead; the latter, the dead faith of the living." This is an astonishing comment. While the last sentence is true, to imagine in one's wildest fantasies that Pope Benedict XVI is engaging in traditionalism bespeaks an ignorance of his work, life, writings (especially regarding his radical advances in 20th century theology) that is, well, unspeakable! He has spent much of his life delineating - brilliantly - a "third way" between the fearful traditionalists who arose after the Council AND the "progressives" (for lask of a better term) who threw out the mother as well as the baby with the bathwater. Have you never read the journal Communio, which he founded? Sigh. Himalayan ignorance of the Holy Father.

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