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RE: Struggling with the Rosary
I struggled with breaking free from p*rn for 40 years. It was not until I was knocked to my knees by the l*st addiction and I became desperate enough to go to any length to break free. I had to get active in SA, True Knights Purity Forum for men and start on a daily spiritual fitness program of praying the rosary , at the exact moment of each and every temptation, working the Twelve Steps,accountability and living the sacramental life of the church. I attempted, starting in the 1980's, trying to break free just me and God. It did not work. Not until I was in fellowship with others doing the same did I start to see results. If all it took was "just" praying the rosary, I would have been freed many years ago. But for some reason, at least for me, I needed to be in a recovery program in order to break free. If the addiction was truly removed in one night as you claim, I would say that is a miracle, and if so God bless you, but for most addicts it is a long tough road to recovery.

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