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RE: A Hipster's Homily
Does the story talk about the effects of the storm on the characters' lives. If so, I would be particularly interested. I came across this page looking for Internet references to that February, 1984 blizzard. I got stuck in my little Nissan F-10 car on the Interstate 29 highway. A "white wall" just seemed to appear out of nowhere, and I pulled over to the shoulder. Sat there for 14 hours after I couldn't start my engine. Temperature went down to -35F and winds up to 70 mph rocked the car all night long. Someone had given me a "survival kit" with 2 candles just 2 weeks before. In 12 hours, I only burned half of each candle, sitting inside a tent I made with my sleeping bag. Otherwise, I may well have lost fingers to frostbite. Was picked up the next day by some National Guardsmen, who had been on a training exercise the day before. They drove up and over hard packed snow drifts on the highway in their 4-wheel-drive half-ton. I never knew till now that 22 people had died in that blizzard. I could have been one of them. Wow.

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