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RE: After the Disaster: Back to the Family and Localism
This article portrays a nice sentiment: basically warmed over Jeffersonian localism with a pro-family spin. The problem is this ideal is tremendously hard to implement practically, especially if we respect the individual's rights. (And pitting the individual against the family is a logical red herring, if for nothing else than that an individual may have many overlapping "families", according to the author's definition.) The other difficulty arises because everyone, whether they admit it or not, has a mix of family-characteristics and individual-characteristics. If you've ever made a decision that goes against the grain of your "family", you'll realize that the author is not preaching pure freedom, but communalism--albeit on a small scale. Finally, the "Pottersville" image is somewhat misleading because I don't think the author's ideas would find much sympathy in Capra's Catholic theology--he recognized the individual's right and responsibility to act. Read the above post's reference to "one good man": Capra's films balanced the roles of family member and individual in a nuanced fashion.

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