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"That which you are seeking is doing the seeking"~St. Francis of Assissi
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RE: After the Disaster: Back to the Family and Localism
I tend to agree with Jason "If you’ve ever made a decision that goes against the grain of your “family”, you’ll realize that the author is not preaching pure freedom, but communalism--albeit on a small scale." except I would substitute "tribalism" for the "c" word. Dishonoring the family values in some parts of the world can have murderous consequences even today. Then as to "Pottersville" I think that Chassup has it closer to the mark when saying "The moral of the story isn’t that one man’s liberal social engineering makes for decent society, it is that one man’s Christian virtue can make all the difference." Jason,once again seems to caution against the transference of rigid orthodoxies and his analysis that "Capra’s films balanced the roles of family member and individual in a nuanced fashion." is closer to the mark. Nuance and mystery remain the hallmarks of any celebration of reason in religious faith.

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