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RE: Pro-Life vs. Family Values? Is Newsweek's Jacob Weisberg promoting eugenics?
Angelo, thank you for bringing attention to the strangeness of the left on this issue. Bristol Palin's pregnancy has revealed the thoughts of many hearts and many of these thoughts are truly bizarre. All of us, liberal and conservative, ought to be celebrating the fact that this young woman is giving birth and that she is surrounded by a generous family and a mother who has many children and a child with special needs. Instead, we get bizarre responses that seek to keep abortion front and center. The legality of abortion has become the idol of many on the left. Slavery was once an idol of many in our nation's politics until we noticed the humanity of African Americans. At that time we began to understand the meaning of liberty for all men. However, we have yet to grant the right without which it is foolish to speak of any subsequent rights, the right to life. Following the news that Bristol Palin was in fact pregnant, Elizabeth Sherman, Law Professor at George Washington University, in a nationally televised interview, praised Bristol Palin's decision to have her baby because: "This reaffirms Roe vs. Wade." What!! This is a response from an academic. Academia used to have a connection to the logic of the common man. Several days later a caller to CSPAN used the same logic when she asked Gov. Pawlenty how Sarah Palin could be oppossed to Roe vs. Wade given the fact that Bristol Palin was able to choose without government interference. Pawlenty said he could not understand the connection the woman was trying to make. The logic at work is that a woman is not pregnant with a human life, but with a choice-to-be-made. Human life is present if she confers a status of personhood on the child in the womb by agreeing to have the baby. The great shame of America is that we only have rights if those in power grant them, in practice nature and God are gagged. I place my bet that God and nature will win the war after our hearts are softened TO REALITY

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