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RE: Pope: Why the ‘dual-unity’ of man and woman is important
...which is exactly WHY I get so enraged when six-sacrament clergy/laity act/react as-if the Sacramental Union of two persons (OF OPPOSITE SEX) can be blithely IGNORED and UNDONE ONCE UNITED IN MATRIMONY! If the SACRED UNION of man/woman in MARRIAGE parallels aspects of the DIVINE TRINITY: WHO WOULD DARE TO SPLIT THE TRINITY? Yet, almost to the person, societally (most) people scoff-indifferently when they learn of couples who intend to BREAK THEIR UNITY IN MARRIAGE! [Clergy should understand this BEST!] If people widely-understood, believed, and comprehended the consequences of Pope Benedict's words (above), they'd FREAK at the realization that (1 Cor. 7: 10-11) divorce/separation imposes a stark (inhuman) post-Marital choice of either (1) adultery or (2) oppressive solitude: "...they risk being closed up in a self-realization ...which in fact reduces them to an oppressive solitude." Personally, I wouldn't want to wish either of those two choices on my enemies, even-less on those I know, love, and/or respect! [...but then that's just "me".]

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