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RE: The Democrats are Blowing the Election—and the Catholic Vote
An ancient proverb says "A big book is a big evil;" I think it is arguable that a big senator or a big representative is a big evil. If we take the three great senators of US history--Webster, Clay, and Calhoun--Webster and Clay supported the Compromise of 1850, with Webster showing special bitterness toward his abolitionist ex-allies, and Calhoun opposed the Compromise because it didn't give enough to the slave states. Nowadays, the only practical way for Bob Casey to become a great senator is for him to become less pro-life; I think we ought to pray and work for more good politicians, not more great ones.

RE: After Obama: Why Catholics should open a ‘second front’ in the Democratic Party
Among the oddities of the Sotomayor hearings that haven't gotten much mention are these: Except for Linda Chavez' testimony, little substantive was said about Sotomayor's student writings besides talking of her brilliance, but her senior paper on Puerto Rico actually relates to Boumediene v. Bush, in which the possibility is raised that since Cuba historically won independence from the United States, not from already-defeated Spain, Guanatanamo Bay might never have become independent of the United States. Sotomayor's explanations of what she has thought about the aftermath of the Spanish-American War in Puerto Rico, in Cuba, & elsewhere might have given some context to repetitive questions about her as a Latina. Another point that was never followed up during the hearings was Sotomayor's suggestion to Coburn that Casey might have done away with whatever protections Doe & Roe had left for the unborn during the third trimester.

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