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RE: Struggling with the Rosary
Thanks to the Blessed Mother & the gift she gave me - devotion to her Most Holy Rosary. I decided to devote myself in daily recitation of the Holy Rosary after having read the articles about the Virgin Mary & the many benefits of devotion to her in catholicbible101 site. I'm in my 5 weeks now of daily rosary prayer & in that span of time God banished my deadly habitual sins, & a MIRACLE happened. I have a sister in the community (back in Philippines) who's 7 years married & couldn't get pregnant despite of the couple's sincere attempts, medicines & medical work ups. Until, one day (Feb-2009)while we're chatting, she told me that she's on a fertility work-up & expects that it will be a positive one. I promised to offer 7 days rosary prayer solely for her intention. I was surprised when she told me after 2 weeks (through YM chat) that God granted our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary - SHE'S NOW PREGNANT. She couldn't believed it. She said that they (the couple) joined me in this 7 days rosary prayer spiritually. I'm in the UAE and the couple is in Philippines. I remember my prayer before I started this devotion;I prayed that, like others who have testified the miracles happened to them & the benefits they've obtained from this devotion, I, too may have the same experience. Now, I want to testify to the world that our Blessed Mother is a vessel of God's grace; that we should pray to Jesus through His blessed mother as He listens so delighfully to her & God will grant our petition in Jesus' name.

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