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RE: Radiohead: Together in the Alone
Thank you so much for writing that article!!! Everything, I mean everything that I feel about Radiohead, their music and lyrics, you expressed in your writing. Very articulate, thoughtful, and spirit-filled! I am not the typical RH demographic (I am black, female, Christian) but this goes to show how wide-reaching the effect of their music is and that everyone feels or has felt defeated. The words you chose I wish I came up with myself because for the longest time I have been trying to figure out how to justify this odd obsession I have for RH as someone who is Christian. But my basic philosophy (which is not as amazing as yours!) is that RH creates beauty from ashes with their music and anyone who has been or is being tried beyond what they think is humanly possible can identify with the pain and subsequent hope RH is signing about. Nothing as beautiful and hopeful as what RH creates can be from the devil. God bless them. They are doing God’s work and they don’t even know it!

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