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RE: Why I Love Obama
I know I am new here, but what am I missing? Mike Huckabee is my man this year, and I would put him up against anybody as an great leader and speaker. Compassionate to the core, will cross party lines when it means taking care of people in need, Pro-life as they come. Perhaps his style isn't all glitz and glamour, but that is called humility, and only a truly humble man deserves the Presidency. Huckabee, to the end, all day long.

RE: Why I Love Obama
Harold, I did read you article - (after my last post), and though it was well done. To answer your question in the last paragraph, an either-or question: Yes and Yes. Our churches should be reaching out to take up the slack of "ham-handed gov. programs" and those hams should go on a diet and try to run themselves more like the effective church programs. He will bring ALL things to Him! Neither our churches or our government will ever be perfect. But we can strive to make our hearts perfect. I'm not voting for Huckabee because he is perfect, but more because he understands imperfection well. And I know it is a long shot, but our faith shouldn't yeild to politics, our politics should yeild to our faith. That is how many of the country's founders believed. And hoped we would believe.

RE: Why I Love Obama
Pardon the double-post. And please forgive me if I begin to sound like I am campaining for Huck, but I realized that my previous post was lofty-sounding with no meat and potatoes, so here it is. Take for example the evacuation of New Orleans refugees and the example Arkansas set for the rest of us. Huck's leadership style through that time was "Don't talk to me about paperwork, treat each of these people as if they were your own family." - Not an exact quote, if you want more read his book "From Hope to Higher Ground" That was a decive smacking of the ham-hand of government and an empowerment of the people. Had he been President at that time many lives would have been saved by the clarity of mind to cut through the finger-pointing and just take care of people. I want that kind of mentality to infect our government on all levels, from social justice agencies to the White House.

RE: Being Human
My personal experience of "being with the world" have led me to feel like I was swimming way to far from shore occasionally. Only to find that like Peter, it was only my lack of faith that was causing me to have to swim in the first place. As a Catholic "cowboy" I wear many hats, no pun intended. Yesterday after playing my guitar in Mass father Joe gave me a packet of informational material about the Deaconate, a vocation he suggested I consider. This packet of information had to wait in the front seat of my pickup that evening while I joined my small-town cronies in a back-room-of-the-bar-late-night-poker game. The situation begged the question: Can we bring our faith into EVERY place in the world, or are we better of as my mother suggested, "Don't play with pigs, you will just get dirty, and they will love it!" Perhaps it is our strength of caracter and spiritual maturity that dictates how far out into the pool we are allowed to wade. Ideas?

RE: Why I Love Obama
Tony gives us an excellent model for inspiring change one issue at a time, within the limits of a government whos leaders are all too imperfect. I guess I was hoping this would be the season to make progress on the abortion issue, hence my support of Huckabee. One thing is clear however, there can be no "Pro-life" vote, or "Catholic" vote that is going to make any difference if Pro-lifers and Catholics divide their votes. I am not crazy about the GOP, I am outrightly ashamed of thier record on Death Penalty and War. Abortion however still carries the double-duty of being a human life issue, and a civil rights issue, as well as having the greatest potential to change the way people think about all human rights issues. If the least of us have a right to live, then we all do. I agree with MARYHR that we need to make progress on making abortions unwanted rather than putting all our efforts towards overturning legislation. I can't help but think if Mother Teresa was an american at this time, she would not be protesting laws, she would be on the streets, saving lives, day-in, day-out, a living witness. That is the challenge to us all.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
Well said Angelo. The frustration continues for people who see the pro-life constelation with all its stars shining brightly and try desperatly to point it out to the rest of the world, and explain why each of those stars needs the others to bring the big picture into focus. We just keep pointing and they just keep saying, "Yes, I see this half of it!" or, "That half of it." Someday. Maybe never, perhaps not in this world. So write in a President, but please participate in this incredibly imperfect democracy. Must we take the wieght of thousands of lives upon our single vote? I fear if we simply jump off this plane, we might miss our chance to have any influence at all on the pilot.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
Now we are talking! The Right thinks the Left is wrong, the Left thinks the Right is wrong, they are both right, they are both wrong! A "Center Party" founded on the basic truth that all issues should be viewed in the light of the absolute sanctity of human life. Sign me up. Where do we go from here?

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
Joe, I send you encouragement, respect, and a world of support. After reading up on you, I now feel I have a reason to stay involved, and something substantive to bring to political discussion. There are all sorts of questions about the political details that such a platform will encompass. However, when an ideology is built on a principle so simple and true, one need not worry about details. Thank you, and know that in my little corner of the world, I am going to work for you right away. Imagine that, a REAL Catholic in the White House!

RE: God, Government and Freedom—A Response to 'None of the Above'
Wow, what a great conversation, I honestly got teary-eyed just reading all these posts (my computer has been down a few days, I had to catch up), these are the discussions I hope to have with my adult children someday around the dinner table. And if I can make that dream come true, then I may consider myself a success as a father. An absolute beautiful display of critical, compassionate thinking. An intellectual art gallery. Love it. I'm going to support, and vote for, Joe. I not quite in the same place as he is on immigration, yet - give me time he makes a good point, idealistic, but then, so am I. I will boldly argue that as a Catholic it is more acceptable to allow the compromise in your vote to be about issues that do not directly compromise human life. And if that is not enough I will further argue that Abortion should be given more weight in the spectrum of life issues because it carries the double duty of being a civil rights issue, and holds the most potential to change the way people think all life issues. However imperfect my voting may be, I am sure that my actions will mean much more, and I respect Joe's leadership on this. Right now we live in a country where poor people are beating down the door to get in, and the rich are beating down the door to get out. We are doing something right.

RE: Beyond Left and Right: Awaiting the Pope’s Next Encyclical
I agree with Stratford. Benedict XVI and the church always seem to start from the Spiritual, the Center, the Vertical - and shine a floodlight onto the vast labyrinth of left and right turns which we have created in our countries politics. While most of us, (and our candidates) bumble around with shoddy flashlights looking for a vertical passage. I consider myself a progressive conservative also, while what I really want is to learn to be closer to God, just like everyone else. But the map I've got looks like a labyrinth, and most people I talk to just re-enforce the existence of the puzzle. That is why I come to this website. As for capitalism and economics, it is just the same as socialism - in the hands of good people it could work wonderful, but corruption, greed, and power could bring either down. I prefer the odds of capitalism. And there are good people, and companies, out there.

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