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RE: David Brooks explains the Republican Party’s Catholic problem
Right on DSCONI. There is a hierarchy of rights and the right to life is the primary one, without which you can have no others. To vote for a man who opposed a bill to provide medical treatment to aborted babies who are born alive is inconceivable to me. Hilary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry may have supported partial birth abortion, but at least they agreed that once the baby was outside the womb the argument about abortion being about the autonomy of a woman’s body no longer applied. ROBERTSDAVID50 – your condemnation of DSCONI as a religious fundamentalist could also be made about Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict, Mother Teresa, etc. Insults are not a substitute for rational argument.

RE: Sarah Palin blasts Obama’s radical abortion policies
Gee, I have to wonder if Palin were a Democrat, would her voice suddenly be mellifluous rather than grating? I understand the antipathy of the pro-choice left towards her, but the antipathy from the few pro-life leftists out there is bizarre.

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