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RE: How to avoid the next war
By comparison to the deranged Perles driving Bush Jr's. policies, not to say the traitorous Boots pushing McCain's, Brzezinski & Scowcroft certainly *sound* reasonable; but are they? Brzezinski now rants like a good nationalist Pole about the need to confront Russia, though the only sensible need Americans have - if their interest is but that of their fellow countrymen - is to establish the amicable relations Russia clearly desires: & to do so as a prelude to mothballing the nuclear weapons both countries still quite immorally point at each other's cities & civilians. Scowcroft's bona fides are even more dubious. For all the inane doggerel of Bush Jr.'s reign, its foundation was established by Bush Sr. & Scowcroft in the astounding decision either to betray Saddam Hussein by encouraging the invasion of Kuwait, or the failure beforehand to make clear to him the consequences of such an invasion. Remember that Hussein had not only been a CIA-funded US ally for decades, but was such a loyal one that he invaded Iran in 1980 during the hostage crisis - which is to say when he was about the only person in the world still willing to give poor Jimmy Carter a hand. It is accordingly rather worse than fatuity to pretend the invasion of Kuwait could not have been stopped beforehand, had Mr. Scowcroft & Bush Sr. not wanted instead - whatever it is they did want. What they got was bin Laden's interest, the fall of the Trade Center, the Semitic wars, Bush Jr., the apparent bankrupting of the imperial adventure, & of the American people. So let's temper enthusiasm for Scowcroft, Bush Sr., & the misnomered 'realists,' at least until they explain the odd Red Light they neglected to flash, which is what's responsible for all that's followed. Ps: Brzezinski worked for Carter, not Clinton.

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