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RE: They’ll Believe in Anything: Study says atheists are more irrational
In other words, the study shows that traditional Christians have retained a more organized, traditional set of superstitions rather than "trading up" (or down) to a more haphazard, currently popular set of superstitions. The conclusion assumes that the belief in a traditional God, the resurrection of Jesus, and so on, is less irrational and superstitious than belief in palm readers, ghosts and other new age enthusiasms. How can you rationally put one above the other? Non-superstitious people will avoid both. The mind disposed to superstition, whether traditionally religious or so-called "Atheistic," will find implausible things to believe in. Whether a superstition takes a monotheistic form or an updated, trendier form is merely a matter of taste, as far as I can see. Different people prefer different kinds of wishful thinking. A consistent atheist or agnostic will disbelieve, or hold as currently unknowable, not merely the existence of an Abrahamic God, but the existence of all supernatural entities and events (until rationally convincing evidence for such things are available). That certainly includes ghosts and the other matters the article mentioned.

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