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RE: Adam and Eve make a stand in California
Chassup - "Playing house" If you believe that people who are homosexual (not homosexuals... they are people with a sexual preference, just like you) are human beings, then don't say they are "playing house." Homosexuality is recorded thruout history. Homosexuality might even be genetic. http://www.slate.com/id/2194232/ If God created genes, then didn't God create homosexuality. Hell, homosexuality might even be in the Bible. You really think Ruth and Naomi are just 'friends'? I am happily married to a woman (I am a man). People who are homosexual marrying don't make my marriage any less special. If I treat my wife poorly and ruin my marriage, it's only my fault. Let people who love each other get married and have all the special stuff that comes with it. If you hate people who are homosexual, just say it. Don't try to say the socially acceptable thing that "[They] deserve to be treated with dignity as human persons." Part of human dignity is choosing who you get to spend your life with.

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