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RE: Sarah Palin Meets Woody Allen, Across the Great Divide
Babies are beautiful and a miracle, but they also grow up to be human beings. Many of them do not live a blessed life. It is hypocritical to criticize abortion when people fall into the axiom "responsibility does not extend beyond my nose." Some complain how drunks and drug addicts litter our streets, but when it comes to funding programs to help these poor souls,you pass an empty money basket down the aisle. Worse yet, whatever money is in there,you give to corporations so they can "stimulate" the economy. Six years of a Christian Theocracy under the Republicans and the forementioned economic philosophy proved that being a religious person is not enough. Bush said God spoke to him. Well pardon me if I sound blasphemous, but God gave him lousy advice. Our country is not one dimensional. What you believe is true must be balanced with what the world and others believe. If we all believe that we are right because providence so dictates it, then we are truly on the brink of armageddon. And as a poet once said humankind's last sound will not be a bang but a wimper.

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