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RE: Why I Love Obama
Harold I thought this was a really good piece highlighting the dilemma many of us across Western Democracies feel. Here in the UK you often have that same problem of trying to find the best party to vote for in conscience. Sometimes if you are lucky you can vote for a candidate who does not share his/her party's stance on abortion for example and will courageously oppose party policy. However unlike the US the British Right - ie The Conservative Party - are not pro-life. Indeed it was Margaret Thatcher who introduced research on human embryos and vetoed a Catholic MP's attempt to reduce the abortion time limit. It got me so mad when I saw that guy O'Sullivan talking about his book linking Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Thatcher on EWTN last year. Like many Catholics in the UK Conservative Party he conveniently overlooked her poor pro life track record. I used to be a member of the Green Party but let my membership lapse when I saw its support for embryo research yet it strongly opposed vivisection. Sometimes you have to go for the least worst option. My folks MP is pro choice but is a staunch opponent of euthanasia. If none of the other candidates at the next election are any better they will go for him because we have a chance to stop the legalisation of euthanasia if enough members of the ruling Labor Party oppose it.

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