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RE: The Church on the financial meltdown: Usury and speculation are to blame
Greetings all, Notice the hunted/haunted look in the eyes of our so-called leaders of late? Their desperation flows from the understanding that truth and justice are standing just outside the door, and knocking hard. A sky-darkening flock of chickens (or locusts...) have come home to roost and our greedy and arrogant monetary and political leaders know that the end of their power is nigh !!! Now's the time to hold their feet to the fire and take back our civilization from these evil scoundrels. Karma's a bitch and those "atop the pyramid" are just beginning to taste Her great displeasure at the greed and great injustices that the world's economic and financial systems have long caused and perpetuated. Anyone who still thinks that money and imposed usury (credit, speculation, etc.) are a wise and just way to manage civilization is suffering from strong delusion and Stockholm syndrome. Humanity has long been duped into accepting the great deceptions of money and banking. The world financial system is now in the process of a slow and inexorable implosion and the unraveling and death throes will make Enron look like child's play. The mess created in recent decades and greatly magnified by the Neo-cons and their greedy cohorts is about to plunge the world into a great debacle. It will soon become obvious, to even the most clueless, that it will be easier to step away from the deceptions of the past and finally fix our civilization so it works for everyone, not just for a self-chosen few. Why should humanity struggle and suffer any longer to repay debts and endure debacles created by amazingly greedy and deceptive monetary and political leaders? Ever heard the term Jubilee? The power of the rich and arrogant is about to be blown away on the winds of irresistible change. Here is Wisdom...

RE: Greed and ruthless pursuit of profits to blame for banking fiasco
Greed and money are synonymous and the Vatican, Papacy, and Christianity are steeped in both. The Creator is sending us a stark and unequivocal message about humanity's great follies !!! Most people have no idea that the common-denominator math of all the world's currencies forms an endless loop that generates debt faster than we can ever generate the value to pay for it. Those who scoff at this analysis have simply failed to do the math. Consequently, this civilization is verifiably based on purposeful and institutionalized deception, coercion, and exploitation. The time is long overdue to change the human equation and end the root causes of most injustice and suffering. Here is Wisdom...

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