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RE: Why I Love Obama
I agree with mootpoint. I believe single-issue voting is bad and irresponsible. When I vote, I consider ALL the important issues. I look at the person as a whole before I make my decision. Also, just because someone says they are pro-life, doesn't mean they are. GWB is supposedly pro-life, yet during his tenure as Governor of Texas, more people died from the death penalty than any governor before him. Don't even get me started on the war in Iraq.....

RE: The Democrats are Blowing the Election—and the Catholic Vote
Does anyone find it interesting that more abortions occur when a Republican is in office than when a Democrat is in office? There was a drop in abortions during the Clinton administration, and if the statistics from the CDC have been updated recently (I checked about a year ago after a discussion at Theology on Tap), I think you will find there had been a significant rise in abortions since GW Bush has been in office. You can tell me all you want about which party says what, but statistics show the complete opposite. The whole point of "Faithful Citizenship" is to give Catholic voters some guidance in following church teaching and also their conscience. Ultimately, I will have to answer to God for all that I have done while here on Earth. No one else gets to judge me. I plan to vote my conscience in the upcoming election, with my Catholic faith playing an integral role in who I vote for.

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