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Randall Wilkinson

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RE: Bill, the Times They are a Changin’...
I suppose what's most troubling to me is that he couldn't be bothered to fake tolerance. As I think of the telling clip from Ron Brown's funeral (http://youtube.com/watch?v=BnQ0g4BhHss), Clinton seems to have realized a camera was on him and responded with a performance appropriate to the moment. Not that it was real...just that it was what was expected. But, in the clip in your post, Bill, he doesn't bother to fake it. That's the troubling thing. His modus operandi has always seems to be that he reads his polls and responds accordingly for the appearance. In this case, no matter how many uphold the value of human life, he apparently can't be bothered to even pay lip service to those values, suggesting that he actually has beliefs he won't suppress. Tragic, then, that these hotly defended views apparently are the values he'll stand firm on.

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