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RE: Radiohead: Together in the Alone
Thanks, ZZ. I was a fan of Tool during my angst-ridden high school years and even saw them in concert. But my love for Radiohead has endured while my interest in Tool has waned. The simple reason is that Tool's latest album sounded tired and uninteresting to me ... more like a Tool cover band than anything. More importantly, I think it's because Tool is cynical to the point of nihilism. There are only fleeting passages of beauty in the songs, and even less hope. Personally, I wouldn't say they fit with a Catholic point-of-view. They plow some of the same anti-materialist ground as Radiohead (like in the song Aenima: "Fret for your figure and fret for your latte and fret for your hairpiece and fret for your lawsuit," etc...) but the conclusions are angry and almost anarchistic: "Flush it all away." There's little love in Tool's songs, and instead mostly anger and joyless scorn and skepticism. While the music used to be dark but compelling and thought-provoking (I thought "Lateralus" was an underrated album), the message and now the music of Tool seems like a dead-end. (My brother's a guitarist and he pointed out to me that every single Tool song he'd ever heard was written in a minor-key. No major-key songs. That's indicative of their outlook on life, not just music, I'd say.)

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