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RE: GodSpy 2.0: Engaging Secular Culture
Welcome Back. You were missed!

RE: The Joy of Nada—Doing Nothing for Lent
I have so many grand plans every Lent, but this is what I really need to do. Sometimes, it is even hard to go a car ride alone, and keep the radio off. Silence is hard.

RE: Alan Wolfe and the Taming of Religion
Very good piece.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
I can't just stay home. Most of the time, I try to find a third party candidate who shares my views. I would even vote for Joe. I don't support his "Christian Life Ethic" I want that fence. But since he does share many of my views, if he was on the ballot here in NYS I would cast a vote for him.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
As Catholics, we want to work from the bottom up. We need to have good candidates not only running for POTUS but for seats on local community boards, city councils and congress.

RE: Sarah Palin Meets Woody Allen, Across the Great Divide
Thank goodness for the Democrats Joe Biden never says anything stupid :-) Nobody questions his IQ and ability to handle the VP spot.

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