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RE: Why I Love Obama
As usual, I wind up feeling broken when asked to choose between compassion for the poor in the womb and compassion for the post-partum poor. One happy day a candidate may offer both, when America's bipartisan blindness is healed. Abortion entrenched as it is, however, perhaps we can settle for a good man? It's easy to forget that we're not just talking about a slate of issues without the all-important "pro-life" sticker. A person is in question, and I appreciate that this person has used his freedom to be with the least, including, I hazard, those poor single mothers who are the ones most often cornered into having an abortion. Many freedom-touting pro-lifers could not say as much. I heard Obama in person in NH, and I think an inspiring person at the helm would do more to promote a right use of freedom in America than all the wise policy in Washington. (As you can see, I resent, a little, that the "sacredness of human life" line forces one to vote republican no matter what the downside. The poor guy's not Catholic, so he lacks the fullness, but at least he's a Christian; that was debatable in JFK's case.) I would also relish a McCain v. Obama race, because both have strong points and seem to be real, good men, unlike the train wreck v. train wreck that was Bush-Kerry.

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