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RE: Christian Witness in the Aftermath of Hate
Father Hugh, the first statement should always be a congratulatory one on your ordination. The next is on the actions of Mr. Cook and Prof. Myers are not surprising nor those of the City and County of San Francisco; but are an external indicator of much deeper issues. Just as a thermometer checks for a fever, the fever is an indicator of a deeper illness. We should reexamine the nation’s soul and our own. As Catholics we should be receiving the Real Presence of Christ in a state of Humility and Grace. I am surprised that the works of St. Louis Montefort, or the 8th century Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano is not mentioned more often. Especially in light of Val Thomas’ (West Virignia) N.D.E. and being brain dead for 17.5 hours. I would love to hear her story about the other side. After the cerebral aneurysm that I experience on April 16th, 2008 that has a 10% survival rate, is completely in-operable, and flat-lining while on the OR table; I now attempt to always receive the Lord in a state of Grace. This may be from a prayer asking permission to enter God’s presence at the Holy Water font, a daily rosary, or reflecting on Psalms especially Psalm 132. The best defense against the actions of Mr. Cook and Prof. Myers is to pray for them and the regular use of the Sacrament of Penance for ourselves, and the nation.

RE: Christian Witness in the Aftermath of Hate
You could certainly pray that Prof. Myers would have a "blinding" revelation of all his sins and shortcomings that can only be realized while standing in full Glory and Light of the Lord. That this revelation would lead to a true change of heart and subsequent repentance. However that pray could only come if we ourselves pray with clean hands and heart.

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